Steven Trimmer Studios


MFA Digital Art New Media.
University of California, Santa Cruz, Ca. 2016.

BFA Digital Media.
University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 2004



Video. 2020. Design, Assembly, and Instructional Videos.
Fusion360, VDMX, DaVinci Resolve.
Biomedical housing design, production, & assembly:

Rocking Incubator Presentation (December 2020), Malaria Research Housing Video, Malaria Housing Still Render, Volume Calculation Still, PDMS Gasket Production Still

Playful laser calibration instructional shorts:

Mirror Adjustment Video, Lens Size / Focus Depth.

The Blessed Assurance.

Film. 2019. Directed by Isabell Carbonell.
Audio mixing, mastering, and additional sound design by Steven Trimmer.
A documentary on the harvesting of cannonball jellyfish off the coast of Georgia.


Kaiwa Makerspace / Fablab.

185 Walnut Ave, Santa Cruz, Ca.
Teaching. 2018-2019.
Classes for kids and adults in Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, CNC.
In collaboration with educator Keara Connor.
A creativity and play themed community lab for arts and STEAM education. Kaiwa fablab was equipped with a Stepcraft 840 CNC Machine, a K40 Laser Cutter, along with a Creality Ender3 and Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printers. Our fablab was assembled to run on Linux machines (Raspberry Pi and Tinkerboards) using open source software : k40 Whisperer for laser operation, Inkscape for vector editing, Tinkercad and Sculptris for 3d design, Slic3r and Cura Ultimaker for 3D printing.

Image : Selected Projects, Class Flyer, Instagram, Kaiwa Website.

The Redwood Ramp @ The Randall Museum.

Sound / Video Installation. 2017/2018.
The Randall Museum, San Francisco, Ca.
Field recordings and spectrographs by Bernie Kraus.
Audio-visual software system design and installation by Steven Trimmer.
An immersive 10 channel sound and video installation exploring the unique habitat of a coastal California redwood forest.

Image, Design Map, Installation Detail, Instruction Manual, Video 1, Video 2, Max/MSP/Jitter Patch.

Laser Cutting Classes @ The Randall Museum.

Teaching : Laser Cutting. 2018.
The Randall Museum, San Francisco, Ca.
Classes for adults and children in designing with vector graphics (Abobe Illustrator / Inkscape) and operating the Universal laser cutter.

Image, Classes, Director's Update.

The Department of Tones.

Sound / Experimental Radio / Bizarre. 2017.
Radiophrenia Show. Center for Contemporary Art. Glasgow, Scotland.
Max/MSP, Logic Audio, Ableton Live.
Theme : "The Department of Tones was founded to covertly distribute influential audio throughout homes in select US cities. From the late 1970's until the mid 1990's millions were unknowingly exposed to these stories and sounds. Working with audio engineers and producers from the original production team we have sought to recreate some of these segments from memory."

Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Video 1, Video 2.

Fishermen Without a Sea.

Film. 2016. Directed by Lucas Bonetti.
Audio mixing, mastering, and sound design by Steven Trimmer.
A documentary film chronicling the impact of environmental degradation upon Guanabara Bay and its historic fishing community.


Film 170A - Fundamentals of Digital Media Production.

Teaching : Digital Media Production. 2016.
Film and Digital Media Depatment.
University of California, Santa Cruz, Ca.
Introduction to the conceptual and technical fundamentals of making digital media. Covers principles of digital image manipulation, basic web authoring, and interface design through projects that introduce production techniques and methods.

170a Fall 2016 Syllabus

Synthesis in Javascript Example Projects :

Landscape Synth

Triangles /_\ Sample Based Instrument :


Vocal Landscaping.

Art / Interactive Community Singing Installation. 2016.
UCSC Digital Arts Research Center. Santa Cruz, Ca.
Created using Max/MSP, Jitter, and OpenGL.
Microphone, transducers, buckets, a projector.
UCSC Digital Arts New Media Thesis Project.
Vocal Landscaping explores ancient methodologies of music, perception, and healing through a voice interactive game and sound installation. A growing archive of vocal recordings drawn from game participants creates an ever shifting modal choir which cycles through the philosophical elements.

Video, UCSC Documentary, Images, Audio,

Please Contact for Thesis.

A Digital Reincarnation.

Sound Art. 2016.
University of California, Santa Cruz, Ca.
Produced in collaboration with Isabell Carbonell.
Since it's extinction, the song of the Kauai O'o can only be heard in archival recordings. In this piece we : 1) Analyze the pitches and durations of notes in the birdsong. 2) Generate a musical score based upon this data. 3) Re-voice the birdsong using synthesizers drawn from the hums and drones of industrial infrastructure. 4) The tape recording of the bird gradually degrades and gives way to the synthetic version.

Audio, Bonus : Snail Walk.

Stanford CCRMA Supercollider Workshop Reimagining:

Audio : Reintroduction,

The Storms Are On The Ocean.

Sound / Live Installation Performance. 2016.
Submerging Artists / An Underwater Concert.
OPERS East Field Pool. Univerity of California, Santa Cruz.
Made entirely from archival recordings of ship horns drawn from the 1938 film, A Boat Trip (Prelinger Archives). A deconstructed score of the Carter Family’s 1927 song, Storms Are On The Ocean, was used as an organizing principle while re-voicing these ship horns.

Audio, Concert Link, Article.

Hidden Stream.

Art / Bio-Sonification Installation. 2015.
UCSC Digital Arts Research Center /
Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History. Santa Cruz, Ca.
Arduino, Max/MSP, Laser Cut Plexi Harp. Plant, electrodes.
A lighthearted piece exploring the interconnectedness of objects. Electrodes affixed to the leaves of a houseplant measure subtle changes in electrical resistance. Deviations in conductance are correlated with musical patterns of varying complexity voiced through a mechanical harp.

Video, Picture, Audio.

Redwood Chambers.

Sound / Concolution Reverb Impulse Response Collection. 2015.
UCSC Digital Arts Research Center. Santa Cruz, Ca.
Zoom H6 Field Recorder, Space Designer, Logic Audio.
A collection of impulse responses drawn from the redwood hollows of Henry Cowell State Park. Compatible with all convolution reverb plugins and free for public use.

Video, Picture, Picture 2, Impulse Response Archive.

Wind Blown Voices.

Sound / Environmental Installation. 2015.
Bean Hollow State Beach, Ca.
Zoom H6 Field Recorder, Reel to Reel Tape, Vocal Recordings, Mic Stand.

Video : Wind Blown Voices.

Related Projects :
Charleston Harmony Tape Experiments 2014 :

Video : Charleston Harmony.

Makerfaire 2015 : Solar Wind Visualization Pool.
UCSC DANM Mechatronics Project Group :

Video : Cymatic Pool.

Early Experimental Videos.

Art / Video. 2015.
Explorations in light and sound.

Geometric Works
The Paper Escape
Javascript Machine Voice : Jesus Said
The Illustrated Garden


Sound / Experimental Radio. 2015.
Radiofrenia - Center For Conemporary Art, Glasgow, Scotland.
Memories of Levittown, NY, 1968.
Sound design derived from the song of one cricket. Interview with Jane and Dan Trimmer. February 2015. Radiophrenia : A temporary FM art radio station exploring current trends in sound and transmission arts. Curated by Mark Vernon and Barry Burns.

Audio, UCSC Anouncement. Show.

The Art and Music of Evolution.

Sound / Sonification. 2014.
Science Hack Day, San Francisco, Ca.
Creators: Jacques Deguine, Steven Trimmer, Suzannah Fraker, Rebecca Helm. Winner for "Best Use of Data"
Team Statement : "We wanted to make understanding the similarities and differences between species more accessible, by coding it to audio and video. APIs, data and tools used: We used protein sequence data from NCBI or Uniprot. We aligned these with Mafft (http://mafft.cbrc.jp/) or Uniprot. Python was used to transform the data into the proper format. Max was used to sonify the data. Python and Processing were used to visualize the data."

Source Code 1, Source Code 2, Team Portait, Max Patch Image, Video.

Grass Giraffes : Better Alone.

Sound / Rock n' Roll. 2012. Athens, Ga.
Audio production, electric guitar, synthesizer, ambient vocals. Video by Eddie the Wheel.

Music Video.

Tennis Harp.

Art / Interactive Sound Installation. 2004.
Lamar Dodd School of Art, University of Georgia. Athens, Ga.
Piezo Benders, Arpeggiating Korg Synthesizer, Tennis Racquets.
A musical game of tennis where each volley triggers a tone.


Musical Teeth.

Art / Interactive Web App. 2003.
The Morton Theater. Athens, Ga.
Macromedia Flash.
Each tooth is associated with a different pairing of musical note and letter of the alphabet.
Used live in an electronic multimedia performance opening for Robyn Hitchcock.

Video : Musical Teeth, Web Instrument : Musical Teeth, Web Instrument : Instance / 2005.

Green Lawns Live @ The Morton Theater, 2003 :

Video : Green Lawns

Checkerboard Step Sequencer.

Art / Interactive Web App. 2003.
UGA, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Athens, Ga.
Programmed in Max/MSP. Team: Jeff Young, Bryan Cole, Steven Trimmer.
A circular game board step sequencer controls percussive taps upon an egg.

Video : Checkerboard Step Sequencer


Sound / Field Recording. 1996.
Watermill, NY.
Tascam 4 Track Tape Recorder
My Grandmother, May Buckley, playing the song "Home" on the Krakauer piano.