Archival Works

Alps Road Elementary Educational Video Archive
2 DVD set : 8 hour runtime
In 2003 I acquired at auction a collection of 50 VHS cassettes from a school undergoing renovations in Athens, Ga. It seemed of historical value to keep the video collection together as a piece. Some of the videos were produced and aired only locally in Ga. I put the digitized version up online in 2010, but after schools began directing their classes to these out of print materials for study use I decided to comply with a cease and desist letter. I love the music and coloration of these videos. They strike a nostalgic chord in me in a way that little else can. If you’re interested, perhaps a copy can find it’s way to you!





The Anthology of Backwards Music Vol. 1
CD Release 2004
A collection of songs rumored to contain backwards messages. The tracks are presented here in reverse along with detailed liner notes so you can investigate the matter for yourself!
The link bellow contains a full mp3 collection along with notes and artwork :
The Anthology of Backwards Music Vol. 1





Reverb Unit : Impulse Response Collection.
Preserving the echoes and reverberations of historic structures. Archiving the sonic characteristics of unique spaces and equipment for post production.
Download my collection of microphones, echoes, and buildings from Athens, Ga. For use in Space Designer :






AUX Vol. 1

AUX Vol. 1 is a collection of experimental sound from Athens, GA. Designed by graduate students in the Lamar Dodd School of Art, the packaging is entirely hand printed and assembled using archival materials. Curators JoE SilvaHeather McIntosh, and Steven Trimmer selected 18 tracksfor the project, representing diverse means of production and approaches to sound.